Weight Clinic 

Gortland Vets Diet Clinic

As levels of pet obesity are on the rise why come along for a free weight check for your dog or cat? If they need to shed a few pounds we will be happy to advise on diet and exercise. We even have specially trained nurses who can meet you regularly to weight your pet and give you tips and encouragement.

We are pleased to announce that the practice is now offering a free diet clinic for its pets.

Most people will realise how easy it is to gain a few unwanted pounds and how much more difficult it is to lose them again. Unfortunately this is also a common problem for our pets as well. It is estimated that as many as 50% of our dogs and 40% of our cats are overweight.

Obesity in pets can lead to various health problems such as diabetes and liver problems and can also exacerbate arthritis. This can ultimately shorten the lives of our companions, reduce their quality of life and create avoidable veterinary bills.

If you are concerned that your pet needs to lose weight, or are not sure about its correct weight then we are here to help you. Catherine, Leigh and Kathy have been trained to offer dietary advice and work with you and your pet to reach the desired weight.

We can offer

  • Regular free weight checks and advice
  • A personal diet plan and record book
  • If using Royal Canin dietary food we offer the second bag at half price
  • Advice on appropriate exercise for your pet
  • Lots of help and encouragement to reach the target weight.

If you are interested in making an appointment or wish to find out more please give us a call. Catherine, Ciara and Leigh will be glad to help you.