Obtaining urine samples

1. Acquire a fresh 1 or 2litre milk carton - a smaller carton may work better in small size dogs
2. Rinse out your container thoroughly with warm water- avoid using cleaning agents containing strong detergents or bleaches as this may affect the results.
3. Allow the container to dry
4. Outline the container as show in picture

5. Cut around the markings ensuring you make smooth round edges to avoid accidental cuts to both yourself and your pet.

6. Now you are ready to collect your sample!
7. Take your pet out as usual - ideally, a sample first thing in the morning is best
8. Place the container under your pet as shown in either picture

9. Once the sample is collected decant it into an appropriate container

10. Wash your hands thoroughly after collecting a fresh sample

We are happy to provide urine sample pots as shown in the pictures for you to bring your sample in.

Containers that may affect your pets’ results:

  • Jam or Honey Jars that aren’t fully clean
  • Chinese containers that may have a thin grease layer
  • Containers washed in heavy bleach or detergent
  • Plastic bags
  • Cosmetics bottles with residue left