We are able to carry out a wide range of surgical procedures in the practice, an outline of them is given below but is not exhaustive.

Soft tissue surgery

Eye surgery – entropion, cherry eye, keratotomy, enucleation.

Head and neck surgery – pinna resection, aural haematoma surgery, total ear canal ablation and lateral bulla osteotomy, thyroidectomy.

Mouth/oral cavity – dental x-rays, dental extractions, scaling/polishing teeth, epuli and tumour removal, lip fold resection.

Chest and Abdomen – diaphragmatic rupture repair, spays and castrations, retained abdominal testicle, hernia repair, pyometra, bladder stone removal, splenectomy, liver lobe biopsy, enterotomy and enterectomy, gastrotomy, gastric torsion, caesarean section.

Biopsies, lump removals and fine needle aspirates from different sites.

Limbs/extremities - diagnostic x-rays, fracture repair and amputations, dew claw removal, cruciate surgery, tail amputation, hip and elbow scoring